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Response to Robert Gebelhoff Editorial – Progressives can’t be trusted with Medicare-for-all

Gentle Reader – Mr. Gebelhoff, an assistant editor and opinions contributor for the Washington Post, published the above-cited piece today, 3 January, 2019. I detail the URL for the piece below, and then detail a brief criticism laying out why … Continue reading

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Repeal of the Affordable Care Act: The Issue Is Not Cost

“Those who need care most often get care least. And even when the poor do get service, it is often second rate…This situation will be corrected only when the poor have sufficient purchasing power to enter the medical marketplace on … Continue reading

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SECTION 10.2 RECONSTRUCTION: JULY 2004 TO JULY 2009 The Report of the Iraq Inquiry 198 Introduction 1. Section 10 addresses the UK contribution to humanitarian assistance and reconstruction in Iraq between 2003 and 2009: • Section 10.1 covers the period … Continue reading

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From Time Magazine: The Long Goodbye

Gentle Reader: Mr. Klein has done us a service in writing this piece.  It could just as well be titled: The Way We Die. It is somehow ironic that Mr. Klein was interviewing Iowa’s Senator Grassley when he received the … Continue reading

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Dying to Talk…….

This piece was published [see url below] by a primary care colleague much concerned with the state of health [insurance] reform.  Although he does not comment upon it explicitly in the piece, Doctor Lillis’ comments point out to each of us that … Continue reading

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Schiavo: The case for privacy

This is a piece that was published by Roger Blackburn and I in the Gainesville Sun on 22 March, 2005.  It was after a huge outcry by – primarily – so-called “right-to-lifers” who insisted that Ms. Schiavo was not in a … Continue reading

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