Quora Query: How Can You Maximize Your Happiness in Life?

So the question is: How do you maximize your happiness in life.

And there are thousands of words just in this [Quora] Blog trying to answer that.

Here is my 2 cents and there are two parts to the answer; one is a story (not mine), one is a statement:

1. Rabbi Hillel was walking one day when a rather threatening man said to him: I will let you pass if you will tell me the entirety of the Torah while standing on one foot.

Hillel – standing on one foot said: Treat others the way you wish to be treated. The rest, details.

2. Ask yourself: What is the meaning of life ? If you can answer this, you will be on your way to happiness.

I think part of answer is as follows: To learn to love, and to realize that[, in the end,] you will lose everything.

The rest, details.

About AJ Layon

AJ Layon was, for 28 years, at the University of Florida College of Medicine, in the Division of Critical Care Medicine, in Gainesville, FL. For the approximately 10 years until September 2011, he was Professor and Chief of Critical Care Medicine at UF; In September of 2011 he became System Director and Co-Chairman of Critical Care Medicine in PA; this ended in 2017. He serves as a Physician in the Surgical Group with Médecins sans Frontières (MSF, Doctors without Borders). While his interests are primarily related to health care, health care reform, and ethical issues, as a citizen of our United States and our world, he will occasionally opine on issues of our "time and destiny". Follow on Twitter @ajlayon
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