Trumpcare vs. Obamacare: Apocalypse Foretold

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As Trump and the craven Republicans attempt to whitewash the impeachment allegations, clearing a clearly impeached President with no witnesses and no data, I want to remind you of other things going on in the background. This article is from almost 3 years ago and, while Trump and the Republican attack on the healthcare of Americans has been, to some extent, beaten back, there are problems. The Republicans are attempting to remove protections from people with so-called “pre-existing conditions”. You know, as in sick people, the very ones for whom health insurance is important. Krugman – and many others of us – saw that this was coming when the Grifter-in-Chief was placed into office after losing the popular election. A good review while we do our best to protect our people and remove this scourge – peacefully – from office.



From 13 March, 2017, NYT Paul Krugman:

“…Obamacare is actually an intelligently designed system, and Republican claims that they could do much better even while slashing funding so they could cut taxes on the rich were always obvious nonsense…”

“…I have learned never to underestimate the cravenness of Republican “moderates,” who may posture to the center but almost always cave to the hard right when it matters…”

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