Absence May – or May Not – Make the Heart Grow Fonder…..

Gentle Reader –

As a boy, I was raised in the Catholic Church.  The whole deal: Catholic School, nuns, getting my mouth washed out with soap – over and over, but it didn’t work, I still have a foul mouth – wanting to become a priest, but then discovering girls.  You get the picture, right ?

So today I am a seriously fallen Catholic.

But the one thing that has stayed with me is good old Catholic guilt.  I think that, since the Catholic Church derives from Judaism, it only makes sense that Catholic guilt would vie with Jewish guilt.  I must say, I think Catholic guilt wins.

The reason I tell you this story – tedious I know – is that I have not posted anything here since April.  In the introduction to the blog, I commented that I would write as clinical and administrative duties allowed – well, in the last 12 weeks they have allowed very little.  This engenders much guilt on my part.

So I enter this note to let you – Gentle Reader – know that I have several things to post soon.  One on Death and Dying, one on Mississippi and its health system (so to speak) – these two written by others – and one I have written on quality.  I will also very soon comment again, yes late, on the Affordable Care Act, now that the Supremes – as Molly Ivans used to call them – have ruled.

I will, finally, weigh in on the latest mass killings in our country.

Gentle Reader, do you ever – really I am serious – wake up in the morning and feel as if you are a character in Kafka’s Metamorphosis ?

My apologies to you all for being such a slug.

AJ Layon

About AJ Layon

AJ Layon was, for 28 years, at the University of Florida College of Medicine, in the Division of Critical Care Medicine, in Gainesville, FL. For the approximately 10 years until September 2011, he was Professor and Chief of Critical Care Medicine at UF; In September of 2011 he became System Director and Co-Chairman of Critical Care Medicine in PA; this ended in 2017. He served as a Physician in the Surgical Group with Médecins sans Frontières (MSF, Doctors without Borders) through 2018 and is presently an intensivist in Florida, struggling through the SARS-CoV-2 crisis. While his interests are primarily related to health care, health care reform, and ethical issues, as a citizen of our United States and our world, he will occasionally opine on issues of our "time and destiny". Follow on Twitter @ajlayon
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