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The Cowardice of Our Leaders – Silencing Science on Gun Research

Gentle Reader – I posed a small question in this space some days ago, after the shooting deaths of 26 of us – 20 children and six adults.  Children who will never be older than they were that day. Children … Continue reading

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Pregnancy and “Legitimate Rape” – What DOES this Mean ?

Representative Todd Akin (Republican, Missouri) asserted on FOX (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dw6j-weI5FE) that “..women’s bodies have ways…” to prevent pregnancy after rape; to “shut down” pregnancy after rape.  He asserts in the TV interview that   “…What I understand from Doctors…” is that after … Continue reading

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Does the Ryan Reform REALLY Threaten to Kill Medicare [as we know it] ?

There has been a great deal of commentary from both the Democrats and the Republicans / Tea Partiers related to Congressman Ryan’s proposals to trim our country’s deficits.  While all of of interest, the Medicare voucher program is to me the … Continue reading

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Re: New York Times 26 August, 2009: Records Show Strict Rules for CIA Interrogations

This was a letter in response to an article in the NYT.  I had hoped to clarify an issue for the authors.  They didn’t reply.  Oh well. Messers Shane and Mazzetti: I applaud you for your series in the Times related … Continue reading

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